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Aug 23 2013

Blemishes Be Gone

A really great article was written about Rx SKIN THERAPY on The Chic Sheet the other day. I wanted to share it with you all below. Have a great weekend! All my best, Kristen

At almost 28 years old, I still notice blemishes on my face from time to time. I thought I was well in the clear once I was out of middle school and high school, but apparently adults deal with less than appealing blemishes more often than not, so you’re not alone.

Luckily, thanks to products like Rx SKIN THERAPY’s Clarifying Wash PLUS, there are great ways to treat this not so desirable situation. The Clarifying Wash PLUS is for your face and body, and it is specifically formulated for acne prone skin. It is the extra strength version of theclarifying wash (which is also good for acne). It combines the exfoliating action of salicylic acid with tea tree oil, lactic acid, and glycolic acid to treat blemishes already on your face and to help prevent future breakouts.

This product is also great for treating body acne. Football players, for example, that are practicing in the heat can get acne on their face, shoulders, and back, or girls getting ready for homecoming or prom and notice back acne, this is your product.

Another great product to treat acne is the Clarifying Facial Masque, which is a clay based formula (think: at home spa day). You can use this product 2-3 times each week, and you’ll notice great results almost immediately.

For the dreaded situation of a pimple sprouting the day of a big event, hot date, or important meeting, you can use the masque as a spot treatment in the morning of said activity, and you will be on your way (note: the skin may flake a couple days later, but it will work for the day and night of).

As we enter the fall and kids are going back to school, stress levels may be higher than during the carefree season of summer. Blemishes are more likely to occur now, and thankfully there are ways to combat them. Whether your teenage daughter is having breakouts or you’re experiencing them at your adult age, find products that work, such as the Rx SKIN THERAPY blemish line, and you’ll see a difference.

Blemishes…be gone.

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By: Julie Bortnick

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