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Jul 30 2013


Can you believe it’s already almost August? I can’t. Where has this summer gone? Each summer is faster than the last it seems.

As summer is starting to wind down, it’s a good time to clean up and get ready for fall. A very important area to cleanup in is your makeup. This tends to be an oversight with some, but it is definitely very essential.

Just like food, makeup has expiration dates. It is very important to check to see if your makeup is still good. If you’ve had a blush for years or a mascara for over a few months, it’s time to toss those items in the trash.

If anything smells abnormal, looks abnormal, or has just been sitting in that makeup drawer of yours for far too long, trash it.

If you use eye makeup (specifically mascara) for too long, bacteria can grow, and it can cause eye infections.

You need to be careful with your makeup items, from lipstick to powder, and everything in between.

Make sure you’re using new products, and check that makeup drawer often. The end of summer is a great time to clean up shop.

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Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D.

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