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I am Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D. Welcome to my skin care blog! I am passionate about women's health. I am one of the creators of Rx SKIN THERAPY, which we developed after seeing fantastic results using compounded cosmeceutical solutions for specific patient issues.


Skin Type Analysis

Jul 25 2013

Customer Spotlight: Mandie Romero

Our July Customer Spotlight is Mandie Romero, and I’m so excited to have her share her thoughts with all of you. She is a Clinical Pharmacist at Professional Arts Pharmacy.

What is your skin type? It was oily, but has changed and now it is normal.

How did you get turned on to Rx SKIN THERAPY? A few years ago the pharmacy bought the line before it was Rx SKIN THERAPY.  I learned about it at that time but the line did not really appeal to me.  It was not until PCCA acquired the line that I really saw the value.  Hearing Kristen speak at a conference and then Deborah following up has lead me and our pharmacy to reconnect with the line.

Tell us about your success with Rx SKIN THERAPY? Well, my acne is non-existent and my skin has completely changed. My sun damage has improved.  It took about 2 months for me to notice but now others notice and that says a lot.

What are your favorite products and why? The glycolic acid peel.  The peel is unique because it is a gel and it is the product I believe that has changed my skin.  It has resolved my acne and my skin glows after every application.

What would you say to anyone looking to improve their skin?  They need to learn about products that can change their skin.  Not only the Rx SKIN THERAPY products, but products like fish oil (Omega 3 fatty acids) that work internally as well.

What other skin care brands/products do you use and why?  Glo mineral make up.  Since my skin has changed, I can wear less make up like a mineral sheer makeup if I want to .  This is one of the largest benefits of Rx SKIN THERAPY.  You may need to spend more on the products but the reward is even greater.

Thank you so much, Mandie!

All my best,


Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D.

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