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I am Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D. Welcome to my skin care blog! I am passionate about women's health. I am one of the creators of Rx SKIN THERAPY, which we developed after seeing fantastic results using compounded cosmeceutical solutions for specific patient issues.


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Mar 28 2013

Razor Burn

Oh, razor burn. Definitely not a favorite of any of ours. You may know about ways to combat razor burn, but I wanted to share them here today in case you aren’t aware of all. 1. Always shave in the direction your hair grows. I know it seems a bit strange and not ‘natural,’ but […]

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Mar 26 2013

Travel Essentials

I just returned from spring break, and I thought it would be fun to share with you all what I always pack, in terms of toiletries, when traveling. Travel sizes of my favorite hair products o   Shampoo & Conditioner, Pureology Volumizing (the pink bottle) o   Catwalk Root pump o   Kenra 13 Hairspray Rx SKIN THERAPY face products o   Skin […]

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Mar 21 2013

Skincare and Pregnancy

As you know, there are many things you can’t eat and drink while you’re pregnant. There are some skincare products and ingredients you should stay away from during pregnancy, as well. Stay away from retinoids and salicylic acid. Rather than using our clarifying cream or retinol, it is ok to us the oily night cream […]

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Mar 19 2013


I have freckles. Many people think you are ‘born with freckles,’ but that is just not true. Freckles are sun damage. Fair skin damages easier than dark pigment skin and therefore freckles easier. You can fade freckling with ingredients such as vitamin B3/ niacinamide (in the Skin Firming Serum), retinol, AHAs such as glycolic acid […]

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Mar 14 2013

Spring Cleaning

With spring upon us, I can’t help but get excited to ‘spring clean.’ Of course, this generally includes closets, pantries, and so forth. However, something a lot of us may neglect is spring cleaning our bathroom cabinets. Expired skincare products are bad bad bad. Not just this time of year, but all throughout the year […]

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Mar 12 2013

Top 5 Products

There are five products you should be using daily for your skin, and I’m here to tell you what those products are and why. 1. SPF – Sun exposure not only creates free radicals, it causes a cascade of damage to the skin. It also triggers inflammatory processes within skin cells. The sun can cause […]

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Mar 7 2013

At Home Facials

The beauty of at home facials is that they are significantly less expensive than a professional one at a salon and most of the time you can make it happen with ingredients you already have in your house. I wanted to share some more ideas with you if you’re ever looking to have a spa […]

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Mar 5 2013

Chapped Lips

Oh, chapped lips. Unfortunately, chapped lips happen, and they can come at the most inopportune time. Chapped lips are the number one result of not getting enough water, and being dehydrated. This is me telling you to DRINK WATER throughout the entire day. This will help with your chapped lips. As well, take at least […]

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