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I am Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D. Welcome to my skin care blog! I am passionate about women's health. I am one of the creators of Rx SKIN THERAPY, which we developed after seeing fantastic results using compounded cosmeceutical solutions for specific patient issues.


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Nov 29 2012

All About Makeup

I love makeup. I do try new things from time to time, but I have some tried and true favorites, and I want to share them with you. We all have our routines when it comes to putting on our makeup and getting ready, and here is a glimpse into what I use during mine. […]

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Nov 27 2012

Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again: time for gift-giving. I love giving gifts to others, and I love seeing their expression as they unwrap it, especially if it’s something I know they’ve been wanting or something I know they’ll absolutely love. Sometimes buying gifts for others can be a daunting task. You don’t want to […]

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Nov 20 2012


Many of you know, but some of you may not realize that Rx SKIN THERAPY products aren’t only sold on our website and on beautysak.com. We sell all of our products at various pharmacies throughout the country, and you should absolutely check and see if a pharmacy is in your area. The pharmacies we sell […]

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Nov 15 2012

Shop our products on….

…beautysak.com! We are so excited that some of the most popular Rx SKIN THERAPY products are now being sold on beautysak.com. If you aren’t familiar with beautysak.com, it is an incredible website full of amazing beauty and skincare products. The website has been featured in some of the top fashion magazines, and they truly have […]

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Nov 13 2012

Before & After

One of my absolute favorite things is seeing the before and after of a client, and seeing how much of a difference our products have made. They not only walk away happy, but I do, too. It makes me so thrilled to see them come out with that much more confidence. I wanted to share […]

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Nov 8 2012

Skincare Myths

Today, I’m putting a few very big skincare myths to rest! 1.¬†Facial oils can be very beneficial for the skin. Many people think an oil would clog the pores, however the right oil is actually anti-inflammatory. ¬†If you avoid mineral oil and look for botanical oils these oils can make the skin radiant (Rx SKIN […]

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Nov 6 2012

My Skincare Regimen

I thought it would be fun to share with you all what my skincare regimen is. Here are the steps I take every single day and night to maintain healthy skin. Daily skincare routine: Every morning I just wash my face with water then apply Rx SKIN THERAPY Skin Firming Serum, Firming Eye Serum, and […]

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Nov 1 2012

What a VALUE!

I am just too excited about this holiday duo we are selling, so I want to dedicate an entire post to it and why it is such a great value. It’s a limited edition holiday duo including 2 of our all time best selling products, skin firming serum and firming eye serum. Our skin firming […]

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