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I am Kristen Riddle, Pharm.D. Welcome to my skin care blog! I am passionate about women's health. I am one of the creators of Rx SKIN THERAPY, which we developed after seeing fantastic results using compounded cosmeceutical solutions for specific patient issues.


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Sep 27 2012

Beating Oily Skin

While I talked all about getting rid of dry skin in my most recent post, some people, by nature, have oily skin. It doesn’t matter how dry it may be outside, they will still shine in the daylight. There are some tips on how to keep that sheen at a minimum. (image source) First and […]

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Sep 25 2012

Hello Fall and Winter, Goodbye Dry Skin: 12 Ways to Beat Dry Skin

Believe it or not, Winter is around the corner (and Fall is here). It may still be warm in some parts of the country, but these seasons are ready for us. While Summer may be the most carefree season, I still love so many things about Winter. From Christmas to ice skating to beautiful snowy […]

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Sep 20 2012

Top 7 Double Duty Products

Something I get extremely excited about is when I find out an already great product can be used for more than one purpose. You’re getting more ‘bang for your buck’ and it feels amazing! 1. Firming Eye Serum – It’s meant for the eyes (decreases puffiness, increases collagen production, brightens, and protects the under eye area), […]

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Sep 18 2012

When is the last time you got a facial?

Facials are extremely important to the health and maintenance of your skin. While it’s not something you need to go out and spend money on weekly, it is something to consider doing more often. I recommend going out to get a professional facial by an aesthetician every 6 weeks. However, in between you can give […]

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Sep 13 2012

Destination: Skincare

Traveling is so exciting. Exploring different parts of the country and world and learning about new cities is incredible. Next to all the fun and games that go alongside traveling also comes caring for the health of your skin while you’re away from your home. It’s something many people don’t think twice about. However, once […]

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Sep 11 2012

Sun Safety

(image source) Although it may not feel like it in all parts of the country, Summer is coming to an end. However, this doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t exist anymore now that beach days are over. The sun is still just as strong…always. Something I am constantly reminding people is to not forget the sunscreen. […]

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Sep 6 2012

Are you following a skin care regimen?

I can’t express the importance of sticking to a skin care regimen. It may be easiest and require the least effort to just wash your face with soap, dry it, and be done. However, it is smartest to get into a consistent daily skin care regimen. Your skin can’t fully ‘learn’ what it needs to […]

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